Wildwood Canyon Park
Flood Control Improvements & Creek Restoration
Burbank, Los Angeles County, California

HAI conducted a geotechnical investigation to evaluate geological and geotechnical conditions and to provide recommendations for the repair of a substantially damaged wood-log retaining wall located along the west-northwest side of Wildwood Canyon Road within the Wildwood Canyon Park, and two wash-outs along a fire access dirt road which leads uphill to water tanks.

Wildwood Canyon Park
Retaining Walls

The retaining walls will have a dual purpose: erosion protection and flood control. The park, which is used for hiking and outdoor activities, was damaged by a large fire in October 2005 and subsequently by floods which followed rainfalls in fall of 2005 and winter of 2006. The park includes a 2-mile trail system for hiking which traverses the Burbank side of the Verdugo Mountains, and well-maintained park areas off of Wildwood Canyon Road that provide picnic and open-grass areas. It is also t he starting point of Link Trail which connects the park to the Verdugo Mountain way.

Second stage of the project will include drilling along the existing creek to evaluate soil conditions for design and construction of energy dissipator structures.
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